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The Glenn – Charleston, MO

The Glenn – Charleston, MO

The Glenn is one of the few “hidden gem” restaurants around my place. This is a rustic, farm-fresh, casual restaurant that I can’t get enough of. I first visited this spot back in 2015. It’s out in the middle of a field- halfway between East Prairie and Charleston (if you’re familiar with the area). The chef/owner, Adam Glenn, has worked at many prestigious restaurants on the west coast, but moved back home close to his family to open The Glenn. Needless to say, with his experience, he knows what the heck he’s doing. Before I go into detail about the meal we had last night, let me just say – anything you eat here is delicious, and the steaks are PHENOMENAL. Now…onto the meal.

First Course

Steak Salad

Steak Salad (spicy aioli, radish, crostini)

The ribeye was medium rare, seared to perfection. He used some fresh bitter greens for the salad, lightly tossed with lemon and olive oil- simple, yet effectively cut through the richness of the ribeye. The creamy, spicy aioli gave the dish a nice kick of heat. The shavings of cheese on top added a salty note to the dish. The salty, spicy, rich bite of salad was easily eaten atop the crunchy crostini.

Second Course

Brisket Pasta

Brisket Cavatelli (Ramp Butter)

The second course was a beef brisket cavatelli topped with a divine ramp butter. You’re probably thinking “two beef dishes in a row??” I know, but I promise he has more than just beef, I just REALLY like beef, so I got more beef. The homemade cavatelli was perfectly al dente. For those of you who don’t know what al dente is, it means “to the tooth,” meaning has a slight bite to it, not just completely mushy. The brisket literally melted in my mouth. The ramp butter (ramps are a type of wild onion) melting down through the smoky beef and the pasta gave it a kiss of onion-y flavor. The pasta was like heaven on a fork.

Third Course

Golden Tilefish

Golden Tilefish (Martin Rice)

The tilefish was cooked great; it flaked apart and had a superbly crunchy skin. It was seasoned beautifully. The greens gave a nice bitter aspect the the dish.

Fourth Course

Porterhouse Royale

Porterhouse Royale (shrimp, mushrooms, bacon)

Okay…when I said I like beef, I meant I LOVE beef, and the chef knew that. The next course he sent out, he referred to as “Porterhouse Royale.” This Stockyard porterhouse had the most wonderful flavor. The beefy, rich, smoky cut was 100% hands-down the best porterhouse I’ve had. The New York Strip side was packed with flavor, while the tenderloin side was melt-in-your-mouth tender. The shrimp was cooked well, no chewiness with a great seasoning. The little bites of bacon were an added fun treat (I’m also a bacon lover), while the charred mushrooms had a great earthiness to them. I may or may not have gnawed on the bone in front of everyone…I’m sorry, I had to, it was THAT good.

Fifth Course

S’mores Tart

S’mores Tart (caramel, chocolate ganache, toasted marshmallow)

So, not only do I love beef, but I love chocolate, too. This dessert was outta this world good. The tart crust was buttery and flaky, with a super rich chocolate ganache inside. It was then topped with a mound of toasted marshmallows, giving the tart a slight bitter flavor that paired well with the sweetness. I love chocolate.


Alright, as I will do with every post, here’s a little summary for you all: I love beef (thought that may be important to note). Next, The Glenn is one of my favorite restaurants around. The steak salad was fresh, spicy, and beefy; the brisket pasta had a smoky, onion-y flavor with perfectly cooked pasta; the fish had a great crispy skin; the porterhouse was super crazy awesome; and the s’mores tart was packed with chocolate-y marshmallow-y goodness.

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