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Husk Restaurant – Charleston, SC

Husk Restaurant – Charleston, SC

I’ve said this multiple times, but if you find yourself in Charleston, South Carolina, whether you have a day or five days, be sure to take the time to eat at Husk. This restaurant serves perfectly executed southern dishes with an upscale spin. The restaurant is set in a beautiful location on Queen Street in downtown Charleston, where you really get that “old southern” feel. Both the main dining building and the patio have a great ambiance. Now, let’s get onto the food!


Pimento cheese with crackers and pickles

We started out with a pimento cheese appetizer. The cheese was made using an extremely sharp cheddar that had been grated finely. The cheese also had a slightly smoky flavor that paired nicely with the briny, sweet pickles. The creamy cheese smeared on a crispy cracker with a pickle on top made for a perfect starter!


The first entree we tried was their pork dish. It is a combination of pork belly and shoulder, which was cooked to perfection. It is served over a bed of butter beans with a red ale vinegar. The red ale vinegar was phenomenal- a touch sweet, quite tangy, and really made the dish. The peaches on top added an additional fresh sweetness that paired nicely with the rest of the dish.


Chicken pasta with preserved lemon and garlic sauce

The second entree we tried was the chicken dish- a juicy chicken breast with crispy skin served over handmade pasta, spinach, turnips, and tossed in a preserved lemon and garlic sauce. The sauce was acidic, garlicky, and rich. The pasta was perfectly al dente and everything worked together well.


Oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip cookie

For dessert they were offering cookies. We chose to try one of each. The oatmeal raisin cookie was filled with warm spices, while the chocolate chip cookie was simply filled with delicious, dark chocolate chips. Both cookies were soft, warm, and delicious!


Husk executes everything perfectly. I’ve now eaten here four times, and each time it seems to get better. From the sharp pimento cheese and house-made pickle appetizer, to the flavor-packed entrees, to the soft, chewy cookies for dessert, it’s all phenomenal. This upscale southern fare will make you rethink what you know as southern food altogether!

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