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Eventide Oyster Co. – Portland, ME

Eventide Oyster Co. – Portland, ME

Portland, Maine – possibly one of the best foodie cities in the northeast. We were able to spend a couple days in this town full of delicious food. We were pleased with every restaurant we visited, and Eventide Oyster Co. was no exception. First, let me tell you, this place is packed at all hours so be prepared to wait, but never fear….it’s worth it. When you walk into this place, you immediately notice you’re somewhere special. The small rooms, communal-style benches to sit at, and the huge mounds of ice atop a large, rock-like table with oysters nestled in all add to the experience of dining here. Most important, though, is the food. We tried several items, as the portion sizes were small, and loved them all.

Nori dusted potato chips and dip

Crispy, vinegary, and salty- what more could you ask for in a potato chip? These thin potatoes were fried to perfection, crunchy and light. The nori dusting gave a sea-water like flavor that only seaweed can give, which worked well with just an inkling of vinegar to resemble a traditional salt and vinegar chip with a coastal twist. These were a nice, light appetizer.

Tuna crudo

This crudo (simply means raw-so raw tuna) showcased the freshness of the tuna. The ginger-scallion topping added a bright Asian influence to the dish while the razor-thin slices of radish imparted a crunchy texture, adding another element to the dish.

The Fish Sandwich

The fish filet at McDonald’s has nothing on Eventide’s fish sandwich. White, flaky fish that had been breaded and fried to perfection was the focal point of this dish. The outer crunch of the fish is imperative to the sandwich. Briny pickles added a salty brightness, which was further enhanced by the creamy tartar sauce. Strands of iceberg lettuce added another textural component, and a sesame-laden bun completed the sandwich.

Browned Butter Lobster Rolls

The star of the show was the lobster roll. Luscious lobster was coated in nutty browned butter to deepen the flavor. This beautiful preparation of the crustacean was packed into steamed buns rather than the traditional buttered hot dog bun, giving it a different texture and a slight sweetness. The sprinkling of chives over the top of the rolls added a slight pungent note to the dish.

Thin, chewy chocolate chip cookies packed with high-quality vanilla ice cream. Delicious. Oatmeal cream pie – molasses, brown sugar, cream, oats – how could it not be good?


Eventide Oyster Co. takes simple dishes and snacks that we’ve all known for years and recreates them into exemplary dishes that truly wow both the taste buds and the mind. If you’re in Portland, you definitely need to check this place out!

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